Monday, May 02, 2011

Prophetic words and rolling on the floor!

I don't think someone wanted me to go to church yesterday. I missed going in the morning as my son was complaining of a headache. My wife had already gone to lead her Bible school class for our first morning service and when I got up later to get ready for the second service, he announced he would be spending the morning in bed!

To be fair, I think he was really feeling a little unwell initially, but by midday, after discovering him on his Nintendo DS, he had managed a full recovery! The first thing I had done when he declared he was ill was to lay a hand on him and command healing, but he also had a paracetamol and I don't think he actually wanted to go to church, so not sure what combination of factors caused him to rise. I like to think it was the commanding healing bit, but I will never know for sure...!

At least this gave me time for some Bible reading -reading 2 Chronicles at present - and then I tried to watch the 11am service at Kensington Temple, but missed some as the Web feed had some issues!

Had lunch at the in-laws and we all had a very pleasant walk in the afternoon. I also started re-reading a very exciting book called The Grace Outpouring, which is about a retreat centre in Pembrokeshire called Ffald-y-Brenin, where there seems to be a real "thinness" in between heaven and earth. I may say something more about this another time as God is currently speaking to me through it.

Going to the evening service at our church was unhindered and was really good. I was sitting next to a guy called Aaron, who is really fired up with the things of the Holy Spirit. We were both singing and speaking out in tongues during the worship. There were then two really powerful testimonies from ordinary people who had found God out of lives that had known nothing about Him at all. Wonderful!

During the first part of the service, I felt God draw my attention to a young lady who I had not seen before and who was sitting nearby with a friend. I felt Him telling me that He wanted me to speak to her afterwards, although I did receive any clue as to what about. All I got, was the impression that she wasn't a Christian.

However, when the service finished,  Aaron immediately grabbed me and said he wanted me to accompany him whilst he gave a word to a guy that God had pointed out to him during the service! We went over to this chap, who I know a little, (but he didn't), and Aaron told him what he felt God had said. The word was spot on! I prayed over this guy too. It was a real blessing!

Meanwhile, the young lady and her friend were talking in the coffee area and having walked over there, I dithered for a few minutes deciding if I should interrupt and speak. I still had no idea what I was going to say, but very soon, the Holy Spirit made me feel so uncomfortable, that I just had to do it! I was actually in the middle of speaking to another man I know well and I had to excuse myself such was the intense feeling that was coming over me - I was sort of getting hotter and hotter!

I introduced myself to the ladies and I was right, she was not a Christian, (her friend was), but was really actively seeking. Her friend told me that God had brought them together a short while ago in unlikely circumstances, and now God seemed to be causing another meeting that would be a further step along her friend's journey to find Jesus as her Saviour.

I found myself strongly encouraging her not to seek for much longer, but to make a decision, that she had to move from darkness into light. I told her that Jesus loved her very much and had a plan and a purpose for her life, but that to see it realised, she would need to make Him her friend and Saviour. I suggested she read Psalm 139. I then prayed a blessing over her and that the Holy Spirit would bring her to the point of that life changing decision. It was clearly a God ordained conversation. Her friend, seemed quite excited about it all.

After this I went to speak to Aaron again, and as we talked about the Holy Spirit and how we both so wanted to see the power of God and Revival hit our Nation, the Spirit started to stir me and I started to shake and become unsteady on my feet!

At this point I asked Aaron if we could go to a nearby empty lounge room so he could pray with me, but upon entering, I stumbled and slumped to my knees by this sofa and sort of fell across it and rolled onto the floor as the Holy Spirit came upon me even more. Aaron started to shout and groan, interspersed with laughter and I couldn't help but join in.

A couple of people put their heads into see what on earth was going on, as it must have seemed like we'd just come back from the pub which is next door to the Church! I know exactly why people accused the Apostles of being drunk on the day of Pentecost! As we both came back to our senses, I prayed over Aaron and gave him a Prophetic word which included something he had been given on a previous occasion too.

Well, what an exciting night. God is amazing, I love Him! More FIRE Lord! Send the FIRE!

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